Handtied Hair Extension

Juliet is certified by the best in the business celebrity stylist Chrissy Rasmussen. 

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Hand tied wefts are thin wefts of hair the are hand-tied together, the top of them are seamless unlike machine wefts. They go closer to the head with less bulk. There is no heat, glue, or adhesives used. They're applied with "habit" method. This method has been perfected by Chrissy and her team on celebrities, least damaging extensions on the market. We will answer some of the questions you might have below.

How Long do they last? The hair itself can last 6-8 months, it depends on the product you use on them and how often you style and/or wash your hair.  (New hair cost $800-$2000)

Whats the upkeep? The upkeep is 8-12 weeks. You can get a mini lift in-between where i push the beads up. This is only suggested to do once. It is very important to take the extensions out COMPLETELY each time you get a move up, I can remove product build up, and reapply the extensions in a new area to prevent hair loss. (Cost $150 one row, $250 two rows, $350 three rows)

How many rows will you need? It depends on if you need length and thickness, or just one of them. We can fit 6 wefts on one row. Most commonly i will do 2 rows for maximum results.

How long does my natural hair have to be? We have been able to do people with pretty short hair, end up with 22' inches of beautiful locks. I would say at-least 5 Inches of hair! We really like to fit the length with your face shape and current hair texture. 

What lengths can I do? 14', 16', 18', 22'  or custom cut 

What do they feel like? the first two days will be tight and tender but that subsides in 2 days.

Can you style your hair up or wear them to the gym? Yes! You can pull your hair into a bun, ponytail, braids, etc all of the time! The way we tie them into your natural hair line and smudge the color makes it to where you can’t see the extensions in a pony or bun!

We ask for $500 deposit that goes towards holding you appointment and a contract. If you're interested in a consultation book on Vagaro today! 

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